Open for sit-downs, deliveries & collections.

36 Years Strong!
Pancho’s was established 36 years ago on the lower main road of Observatory, a bustling street with an artistic and unconventional feel. Most of Obs has changed over the years, but our values as a restaurant have remained constant: To create an atmosphere where anyone and everyone can feel welcome and experience the deliciousness that is Pancho’s Mexican food.

We’re famous for our Frozen Margaritas and it has been said our Chilli Poppers are the best in town! We use the freshest ingredients available and make our tortillas and corn chips ourselves to keep it authentic. We even sell our corn chips separately by request (they’re just that good).

At Pancho’s, everyone is welcome and we thrive on giving our customers an unforgettable experience. So bring your friends and family and find out for yourself what keeps everyone coming back for more!
Pancho's - Taco of the Town Since 1985